Week 2 in Week 3

Catch up time already! It’s bad enough working your way through all the emails after a week’s leave, but now I’ve got to do this as well. Fortunately I have uploaded to Flickr before, so nothing new to learn there and I can reap the benefit of everyone else’s problems in uploading to my blog I hope. So here goes:

Granddaughter no. 2- Ellie, born Sept 26th 2008 in Kentucky

and Granddaughter no. 1, Khulan, born April 8th 2007 in Mongolia

I’ve been looking at the various Mashups and the one that suits me and my plans is Trip Planner – a major part of every holiday for me is the planning and I anticipate doing lots of planning, travelling and photographing when I retire, so I shall keep this in mind for future use.

Screenshot of Yahoo! Travel's Trip Planner Trip Planner
by Yahoo! Travel

Trip Planner is a website that lets you build a travel itinerary with your hotel, nearby restaurants, attractions, maps, driving directions and more! When you return home, create a photo set of your trip on Flickr then show them off as part of your trip plan.

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