Wordle – still playing with tagging


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Week 5 – snowed in

I’ve spent the past half hour trying to add my image to wetpaint. But either it doesn’t like to import from iphoto, or I’m doing it wrong. Maybe it just doesn’t like my photo. I’ll have another go when I feel less cross with it. At least being snowed in at home is giving me chance to catch up. No sign of it going either – my little car is definitely going to need digging out if it doesn’t thaw soon.

I think I prefer Google Blog Search to Technorati but I shall continue to look at both. I found Google blog search very useful after this summer’s boating holiday – a lot of boaters seem to write blogs about their journeys around the canal system and I found something about the Kennet and Avon which backed up a conversation I had with another boater while waiting for Hurleston Bottom Lock to fill. It will save us a lot of hassle if we ever get down there.

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Week 4 in Week 5

All my best intentions disappeared last week as did all my time and a good night out on Saturday put paid to me catching up on Sunday. So I was glad when Dave suggested a play week. We set up a delicio.us account at home last year but when I just checked it, it had been hijacked by all Steve’s Mac stuff and Bradford City. So I’ve deleted all his stuff and am in the process of making it mine. I like tagging but tend to forget to do it which makes it a bit hit and miss, so I will have to try and do better. I realised I’d got some good travel sites on my account – time to add some knitting ones now and maybe lots of stuff that I’ll never read about keeping busy in retirement. I expect to be far too busy to bother. Anyway I like the idea and rather than keep rambling on, I’ll go and find a few more things to add and tag.

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