Week 3

Just realised it’s RSS feeds this week and I’ve already got a Bloglines account thanks to Lisa and Tanya’s excellent session on Current Awareness on our Support for Researchers course. It has reminded me that I need to check it as I probably haven’t looked at it for a couple of weeks! It’s a brilliant way of bringing together information that I should be checking regularly. I think I may set one up at home as well for non-work-related stuff. So that’s the 8th thing sorted without much effort. If I move onto the 9th I can spend a bit of time looking for some more RSS feeds.

Ok – Syndic8 – got quite carried away with a serendipitous trawl through other blogs, but found it all rather American. Typical.

Topix was ok for about 2 minutes while I read the local news (out of date), but I think I’ll stick to finding my own feeds on websites I visit regularly.

So now to check my Bloglines account….

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