I have been looking forward to using this and quickly added several books that I have read both recently and also ones I remembered reading in the past few years. Then I wrote a couple of reviews and looked at a couple of others. Then I got bored. So I looked at it again last night and explored a few groups, but still didn’t find any real impetus to get involved. Strange. I really expected to like this but I honestly don’t think I can be bothered to keep up with it and use it regularly. I often check Amazon reviews for books I have read or for ideas for books and maybe I could look at this too, but I think it’s unlikely. Shame.

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Google docs

I looked at this last year when Dave P was using it, but have never used it myself. It seems quite easy to use and I created a document and shared it successfully with two other 25 thingers. I also contributed to another document. I can see that this could be a pretty useful tool for collaboration.

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I tried this quite some time ago and couldn’t really see the point of it, but in the interest of completing 25 Things, I have joined again. But every time I have looked for a friend it has told me that it is stressed out right now and to try later. So I will, maybe. Perhaps it has improved, but getting itself stressed does not endear it to me.

So I tried it again a couple of weeks later but still don’t like it, so doubt that I’ll bother again. This time it said it had a problem, but obviously wasn’t getting stressed about it.

For some reason I keep coming back to this and now on my rss feeds (good old Bloglines) I have found this about <a href="“>Twitter in libraries

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Week 6 – Wikipedia and Wetpaint

There’s something about random article that makes you go on and on reading useless bits of information – is that why I became a librarian I wonder. Anyway I finally settled on a short piece of information about The Harptones. Like many of you, I had been wondering what had happened to them….

Current events
The usual selection of bad news:

While adding a page about the A62 to Wetapint, I spotted lots of images about the canal, which I am much more interested in, so I’ve added that as well. It’s very easy to edit and I may go back and do some more.

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Week 5 – snowed in

I’ve spent the past half hour trying to add my image to wetpaint. But either it doesn’t like to import from iphoto, or I’m doing it wrong. Maybe it just doesn’t like my photo. I’ll have another go when I feel less cross with it. At least being snowed in at home is giving me chance to catch up. No sign of it going either – my little car is definitely going to need digging out if it doesn’t thaw soon.

I think I prefer Google Blog Search to Technorati but I shall continue to look at both. I found Google blog search very useful after this summer’s boating holiday – a lot of boaters seem to write blogs about their journeys around the canal system and I found something about the Kennet and Avon which backed up a conversation I had with another boater while waiting for Hurleston Bottom Lock to fill. It will save us a lot of hassle if we ever get down there.

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Week 3

Just realised it’s RSS feeds this week and I’ve already got a Bloglines account thanks to Lisa and Tanya’s excellent session on Current Awareness on our Support for Researchers course. It has reminded me that I need to check it as I probably haven’t looked at it for a couple of weeks! It’s a brilliant way of bringing together information that I should be checking regularly. I think I may set one up at home as well for non-work-related stuff. So that’s the 8th thing sorted without much effort. If I move onto the 9th I can spend a bit of time looking for some more RSS feeds.

Ok – Syndic8 – got quite carried away with a serendipitous trawl through other blogs, but found it all rather American. Typical.

Topix was ok for about 2 minutes while I read the local news (out of date), but I think I’ll stick to finding my own feeds on websites I visit regularly.

So now to check my Bloglines account….

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Still playing with Flickr and photos

 Roxy on the beach

Didn’t want the dog to be left out, so here’s Roxy enjoying last week’s holiday on a wet Wales beach.

Went home exhausted last night after my first day back and then spent an hour relaxing with mashups.
L y n-sf2 N

Probably best to move onto Week 3 now but I’ll be back to mashups in the future I’m sure.

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Week 2 in Week 3

Catch up time already! It’s bad enough working your way through all the emails after a week’s leave, but now I’ve got to do this as well. Fortunately I have uploaded to Flickr before, so nothing new to learn there and I can reap the benefit of everyone else’s problems in uploading to my blog I hope. So here goes:

Granddaughter no. 2- Ellie, born Sept 26th 2008 in Kentucky

and Granddaughter no. 1, Khulan, born April 8th 2007 in Mongolia

I’ve been looking at the various Mashups and the one that suits me and my plans is Trip Planner – a major part of every holiday for me is the planning and I anticipate doing lots of planning, travelling and photographing when I retire, so I shall keep this in mind for future use.

Screenshot of Yahoo! Travel's Trip Planner Trip Planner
by Yahoo! Travel

Trip Planner is a website that lets you build a travel itinerary with your hotel, nearby restaurants, attractions, maps, driving directions and more! When you return home, create a photo set of your trip on Flickr then show them off as part of your trip plan.

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Week 1

Well I created my blog back in July when we were setting 25 things up and this is the first time I’ve written anything since. I’m not worried about being anonymous but just decided to have a weird name – Emee is Mongolia for grandmother and I’m based in the UK so there you go.

And I’ve done the theme change, completed the survey and registered for Google Mail. I already have a Yahoo account. So, so far so good but I guess this will be one of the easiest week for me.

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Hello team

I have set up my new blog and am about to change its theme. No problems so far, but then it’s not actually my first time. So here goes with the theme change…..

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