24th Thing


It feels very strange coming to the end of the programme – I feel strangely bereft of Things to explore. If the programme is run again, I think it is essential to have someone on the team like me who actually goes through the programme – it has been not only a good experience for me, but also a very useful link into what other people are doing, or not. I shall continue to use this blog to go back and look at what I have done and make further attempts at some of the Things.

In terms of the Things themselves, I have enjoyed exploring all of them – some were new to me, although I knew about them without having used them.

Favourites: it has to be Facebook – I am now in touch with an old friend from 20 years ago and we are able to share photos of grandchildren and other old friends. I shall also use it to keep in touch with friends from work when I leave, so slightly work related!

Blogs – love them! Both for using and for searching – lots of useful narrowboating blogs out there with good tips on moorings, pubs etc. Work obviously – we use them for our Schools.

RSS – use for work, will set up stuff for home when I have time.

Podcasts – I definitely intend to use these when I retire, but probably won’t use them for work, other than encouraging their use for instructional purposes in Inductions etc.

Flickr – used it before, find it very useful for sharing photos, although I tend to do this via Facebook now. Also good for finding images and keeping track of what Dave Pattern has been doing…

Mashups – I want to explore this further. Enjoyed playing with it and think there’s a lot more to find out. Similarly delicious: work and play. Just need time.

Google Earth and Google Maps: excellent. Use them a lot – use Maps for directions now rather than multimap. Again I want to do a lot more with these – maybe plotting my travels round the globe (eat your heart out Michael Palin)

It’s interesting how those are the ones which instantly spring to mind, without checking back through the list of things. Pause to check…..

Tagging – very useful, but keep forgetting to do it. Technorati – not really bothered by it.

Wikis – yes, use them a lot already for work. Not sure if I’d use otherwise apart from looking things up on Wikipedia of course.

Twitter – not for me. soon got bored.

Image generators – great fun – will defintely go back to this one.

Google Docs – very useful for work if collaborating

LibraryThing – expected to like this, but didn’t, so unlikely to use again.

YouTube – forgot this one, surprisingly – use it a lot and will continue to do so.

Overall: I have really enjoyed being part of this. In terms of time taken, it has been more demanding than expected and I would have liked to give more time to each Thing. I think in any future run of the programme, we would need to emphasise that the one hour granted from worktime is nowhere near sufficient to do justice to each thing and participants must be prepared to give up their own time as well. Otherwise there is a real danger that it will be treated as a tick-box exercise rather than a real exploration of Web 2.0.

Finally, I have been dicussing this with another Thinger and we feel that it would be very nice to get all the successful Thingers together for a meeting and discussion – literally, not virtually! Reading the other blogs has been a really interesting part of the exercise and I think this should be given more emphasis in any future run – maybe even include as an ongoing Thing that you have to comment on other blogs each week. As a suggestion, I would love to have had some sort of look at/involvement in Second Life.

So long and thanks for all the fish…

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