23rd Thing – Podcasts

My other half would need surgical removal from his Ipod Touch, so much so that it acts as a dummy to help him to sleep. My niece even bought him an ipod pillow for Christmas so he could plug the ipod into that and fall asleep listening to a podcast of his choice. Which says a lot for me….

So, on principal, up to now, I have ignored podcasts, but in the interest of completing my 25 Things, I have done a little investigative work. I found some language podcasts on the podcast directory but nothing in Mongolian so gave up on that. One on sleeping on long haul flights led me to the British Airways website, so that was the end of that one. So in the end it was the good old beeb and I found a recent podcast from Excess Baggage on Radio 4 about Pendle Hill, which we have climbed with proper maps and directions and nothing plugged into our ears to help us up or down. But this was interesting and I often listen to the programme itself anyway.

I think I shall definitely be using this in the future then we can both ignore each other.

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  1. Oooo an Ipod pillow 🙂 ummm someone tell my kids

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