17th Thing – Social networking

I’ve been meaning to join  Facebook for ages and then an old (very old) friend emailed me with an invitation so Icould see some of her photos (of grandchildren – sorry, it’s my new ‘big thing’) and so I joined in December and I am currently, as Tanya says, obsessed!  I think my 19 year old nephew is a bit worried that I am on as he won’t let his mum join, but then he didn’t have to invite me as a friend. Had a few problems with the iphoto installer on the Mac so got my handy home technician to work on it and now adding photos is very easy.

So, I’ve joined loads of groups, serious and otherwise, become fans of important things like the Clangers and Terry Pratchett, added loads of friends and rekindled an old friendship with someone from 20 years ago. Something else to keep me busy in retirement.

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  1. good choice – surely no-one can live without the clangers and Terry Pratchett
    and as a way of sharing photos with far flung family and friends, and all from the comfort of my fab green chair, I love it

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