Week 7 – 15th Thing

So much for playtime over Christmas – well I suppose it was playtime in that I never looked at 25 Things until now and here I am at 2.15 on Sunday afternoon doing my ‘homework’. Anyway looking at some of the other blogs, it seems that I’m not the only one to have put all thoughts of work out of my mind over the holiday.

So, Google Maps – great. The University still has the Great Hall which puts the photo back a few years and the car parks ( including Sainsbury’s) are pretty empty so I would guess the day to be Sunday. The map of our house looks as if Steve’s old company car is parked there so that puts it back at least 18 months. Off to Kentucky and my son’s house is still a building site so that dates it back about 3 years. I found a link to PJ Changs though where we had one of the best Chinese meals ever when we were over there a year ago. I like the Terrain views – could be useful for planning walks as my little legs get older!


Almost forgot the most useful bit – directions: Huddersfield – Madrid =1.269 miles (20 hours 30 mins) – just over 7 days if I walk it and take the Portsmouth-Bilbao ferry. 15.9 miles from our house to the University and apparently only 34 minutes – yeah right! 5 hours and 1 minute if I walk – I’ll bear that in mind next time  can’t get the car up the hill in the snow.

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